Best Online Casinos in Thailand


❓ Is online gambling legal in Thailand?

Technically, online gambling is illegal in Thailand. There are no licensed online casinos operating within the country. However, there are plenty of offshore casino websites that accept players from Thailand and accept Thai Baht as currency. While the Thai government does try to block these sites, it is possible to access some offshore casino sites from within Thailand.

❓ Are offshore casino sites safe to use from Thailand?

In general, we have not heard of any people being prosecuted for gambling at international casino sites from inside Thailand. That said, you are taking a risk if you access these sites. Under Thai law, you can be charged with a steep fine and up to 1 year in jail if you’re caught placing bets online. However, the local police do not go around searching for individual gamblers. If you take precautions, you should be safe to use these sites from within Thailand.

❓ What forms of gambling are legal in Thailand?

Overall, gambling is mostly outlawed in Thailand. There are no legal online or land-based casinos operating in the country. That said, the government does allow horse race betting and lottery play via the National Lottery. There are a few legal horse betting locations in Thailand, but the lottery is much more popular. The Thai National Lottery was first launched in 1974 and continues to attract a lot of players today.

❓ Is sports betting legal in Thailand?

Officially, sports betting is illegal in Thailand. However, there is plenty of illegal sports betting happening across the country. Prior to the 2014 World Cup, about $43 billion was wagered on the game in Thailand - all of this was done illegally. As a result, the government has cracked down from time to time. Several major arrests were made during that World Cup, and police continue to keep an eye out for organized illegal sports betting. We advise you to avoid illegal sports betting while in Thailand.

❓ Is online poker legal in Thailand?

Online poker in Thailand falls under the same rules as other forms of online gambling. That means that while online poker isn’t explicitly legal in Thailand, players can access some international poker sites from inside the country that accept players from Thailand. In fact, after online poker was banned in the USA in the early 2000s, many American professional players can to Thailand to continue their careers.