Best Online Casinos in Iran


Is online gambling legal in Iran?

Iran is under Islamic Law. Most countries under Islamic Law prohibit all forms of gambling, and Iran is no different. No forms of gambling are legal in the country, and that includes online gambling. However, these bans are not really enforced at all. You can find plenty of international casino sites that accept players from Iran.

Can I access offshore casino sites from inside Iran?

While the laws in Iran do prohibit all forms of gambling, there is no specific language about online gambling or offshore casino gambling. As a result, players in Iran can access international casino sites. Many of these sites do accept players from Iran, so be sure to search the web to find some Iranian online casino sites.

What forms of gambling are legal in Iran?

Unfortunately, there are no types of gambling that are legal in Iran. That’s because the country is run based on strict Islamic Law which prohibits any types of gambling. This occurred after the Islamic Revolution in the country back in the late 1970s. However, under a loophole in Islamic Law, horse betting is allowed in Iran.

Is horse betting legal in Iran?

In a strange twist, horse betting is sort of legal in Iran. Under strict Islamic Law, horse riders are allowed to make bets on the outcomes of their own races. In Iran, this loophole has been exploited. Riders actually give their betting rights to a special committee which bets on behalf of the rider. In this way, the public can place horse bets on behalf of the riders so it’s legal under Islamic Law.

Is it safe to gamble online in Iran?

Officially, all forms of gambling are illegal in Iran. However, the government doesn’t really enforce any of this. No international casino sites are blocked or banned in the country. Plenty of offshore casino sites accept Iranian players. You should be safe if you gamble online at a reputable and licensed offshore casino. We recommend looking for offshore casinos licensed out of Malta, Curacao, United Kingdom, Isle of Man, or Alderney.