Best Online Casinos in Egypt


Is online gambling legal in Egypt?

Yes it is, but things are a bit like the wild west. Specifically, the country has not enacted any laws in either direction, meaning that online gambling is not explicitly legal or illegal in Egypt. The government has not made any indication that it will eventually regulate this practice. Presently, there are no online casinos operating in Egypt but plenty of international sites do accept players from Egypt.

Can I play at offshore casino sites from inside Egypt?

Yes you can! In fact, this is the only way you can gamble online in Egypt. There are no laws in the country which prohibit citizens or visitors from accessing offshore online casino sites. That means you can freely access any casino site that accepts Egyptian players, but it also means there are no player protections in the country. Make sure you only use reputable offshore sites with the proper licenses.

Are land-based casinos legal in Egypt?

Yes they are. However, it’s a bit of a strange legal situation. Specifically, physical casinos in Egypt are allowed but no Egyptian citizens are allowed to gamble in any of them. Typically, Egyptian casinos are setup as part of hotel complexes where they are exposed to lots of travelers. Land-based Egyptian casinos are meant to attract foreigners to the country.

Are there licensed online casinos in Egypt?

Under Egyptian law, online casinos are not regulated whatsoever. However, they are not outlawed either. This means there is no formal licensing process for online casinos in Egypt. As a result, there are no licensed online casinos operating inside Egypt. Your best bet is to find a reputable offshore casino site that accepts players from Egypt.

What forms of gambling are legal in Egypt?

Overall, Egypt is actually quite friendly to gambling activities. Legal sports betting has grown a lot in recent years even though it isn’t very well regulated. Poker is also allowed and is growing in popularity among Egyptians. The country hosts a few big poker tournaments annually that attract some big players. One of the biggest is the yearly Texas Hold 'Em tournament held at Sharm El Sheikh's Sinai Grand Casino.