Best Online Casinos in Austria


❓ Is online gambling legal in Austria?

Yes it is! Online gambling in Austria is legal at online casinos that are licensed by the Austrian Ministry of Finance. In order to receive a license, an online casino must be physically located inside Austria. Once licensed, the casino is only allowed to offer games to players located within Austria. However, Austrian gamblers can still access offshore casinos that accept players from Austria.

❓ Can I access offshore casinos from inside Austria?

At the present time, you can access and gamble at offshore casinos from within Austria. A few years back, the Austrian government did try to pass a law that would restrict access to non-licensed online casinos from inside Austrian borders, but this failed. Today, Austrian gamblers can still freely access online casinos that are not licensed by the Austrian Ministry of Finance. That includes offshore casinos.

❓ Are there any land-based casinos in Austria?

Yes there are. In fact, there are 29 major casinos across the country. At one time, most of these casinos were managed by Casinos Austria. Combined with the fact that Casinos Austria also owns a major stake in Austrian Lotteries (the local lottery operator), the company held a monopoly over land-based gambling in Austria for some time. However, today that has changed and many more gambling operators have entered the Austrian industry.

❓ Is online poker legal in Austria?

Online poker is legal in Austria. You’ll find some poker games at many of the licensed Austrian online casinos. Land-based casinos in Austria can also offer poker games. While at one time you could find poker games in poker clubs across the country, the government has cracked down. The Austrian Ministry of Finance now considers poker to be a game of chance, so today only licensed casinos can offer poker games.

❓ What forms of gambling are legal in Austria?

Austria actually has some decent gambling laws when compared to other European countries. Online gambling is legal at licensed online casinos based in Austria. Players can also access offshore casinos. Land-based casino gambling is also legal. Additionally, gamblers can play the Austrian Lottery. Sports betting is legal too, but it’s regulated by each individual Austrian province. You can legally place sports bets in any province, but the rules are different in each one.