Best Online Casinos in Belgium


Is online gambling legal in Belgium?

Yes it is! In fact, the Belgian Gaming Commission (Kansspelcommissie) started offering licensed to online casino operators back in 2011. However, in order to get an online license, the operator must have a physical location in Belgium that is also licensed for legal gambling. As a result, many operators have chosen to avoid Belgium. That said, you will still find plenty of licensed Belgian online casinos.

How does online gambling work in Belgium?

Overall, it’s actually a bit similar to model used in major US online gambling hubs like PA and NJ. Meaning, online casino sites must be partnered with land-based licensed operators. Licensed Belgian online casinos can only serve players located in Belgium. There are steep fines for illegal wagers. Overall, the Belgian online gambling scene is tightly controlled and very safe for players thanks to current regulations.

What restrictions are there on Belgian online gambling?

Belgium passed a few important online gambling regulations with the Royal Decree of 25 October 2018. One of the biggest new rules from that decree was that online casinos could no longer advertise any casino bonuses - but bonuses can still be offered. The decree also instituted a 500 Euro per week player spending limit. Additionally, the decree laid out some strict rules about how online casino operators are allowed to advertise their sites in Belgium.

How are Belgian online casinos licensed?

Belgium’s full online casino license is known as an A+ license - this allows a site to offer casino games and traditional gambling. To get one of those licenses, the initial fee is 250,000 Euros. The online casino site must be based in Belgium and have a .be domain in order to be eligible for a license.

Which deposit methods can I use at Belgian online casinos?

Overall, you are free to use all of the most common online payment methods to make deposits at online casinos in Belgium. However, there is one big exception - in 2018, the government passed legislation which outlawed the use of credit cards as deposit methods. In that same legislation, the government imposed a 500 Euro weekly player spending limit and a 275 Euro monthly bonus offer limit.