Best Online Casinos in Argentina


Is online gambling legal in Argentina?

Online gambling in Argentina is legal at the provincial level. That means every province in the country has the freedom to create its own online gambling rules and regulations. The federal government in Argentina doesn’t enforce any online gambling laws and instead passes this authority completely to the provinces. As a result, you will be able to find a few licensed online casinos operating in Argentina.

Can I play at offshore casinos from inside Argentina?

Yes you can. In fact, due to the slightly foggy legal situation in various provinces with online casino licensing, offshore casinos might be your best bet. It’s legal for Argentinian gamblers to access and play at international casino sites from inside Argentina. If you play at an offshore casino licensed out of Malta or Curacao, you might actually have better player protections that if you played at a licensed Argentinian online casino.

Are there online casino taxes in Argentina?

Yes there are. Due to the popularity of offshore casinos in Argentina, the government instituted a tax which would allow the country to generate some revenue from gambling at these international sites. The tax rate is different by province. In the Buenos Aires region, the tax rate is 15% on all gross winnings from online casinos.

Is online lottery legal in Argentina?

Some online lottery does exist in Argentina. It’s controlled by the National Lottery (Lotería Nacional Socieded del Estado) but every province also has its own lottery organization too. In general, these organizations cooperate with each other. However, many provincial lottery boards have taken things into their own hands. Some, like the Buenos Aires Provincial Lottery, recently signed a deal with IGT to improve its offerings.

Are land-based casinos legal in Argentina?

Yes they are. Again, the regulation for these casinos is done on a provincial basis. Some provinces, like Buenos Aires, are keen to expand their casino offerings. A few years ago, the provincial government there signed 20-year deals with 7 new casinos. As part of these deals, the province has placed a large focus on sustainability and proper auditing of its casino gambling.