Best Online Casinos in Mexico


❓ Is online gambling legal in Mexico?

Online gambling is not explicitly illegal in Mexico, but there are no specific regulations that govern online gambling operators based in the country. It is possible for a land-based casino to launch an online casino in Mexico as long as it has the proper land-based gambling license. There are no licenses specifically for online casinos in Mexico. Today, most Mexican casinos stick to land-based gambling in tourist hot spots.

❓ Can I access offshore casinos from inside Mexico?

Yes you can! In fact, this is the primary way for Mexican gamblers to play casino games online. While land-based Mexican casinos can theoretically launch online casinos, none have done so yet. The Mexican government has also not banned any international casino websites. As a result, it’s easy to find offshore casinos which accept Mexican players.

❓ What are the best online casinos in Mexico?

We’ve put together an extensive list of Mexican online casinos on our website. Any online casino we recommend will be a great choice for Mexican gamblers. We make sure to check the casino’s gambling license and reputation. In general, if an online casino is licensed in Malta, Gibraltar, or Curacao, it is reputable and safe. Licenses from other jurisdictions like Panama, Costa Rica, and Belize are less reputable.

❓ Who regulates gambling in Mexico?

The gambling industry in Mexico is regulated by the General Bureau of Gaming and Raffles which is a part of the Mexican Ministry of the Interior. This organizations issues gambling licenses to all land-based casinos in Mexico and makes sure that these operators are following the rules. The General Bureau of Gaming and Raffles also keeps an eye on any online gambling activities carried out by licensed Mexican casinos.

❓ Is there a gambling tax in Mexico?

Yes there is. There is a 30% excise tax on all legal online gambling activities carried out by licensed land-based casinos in Mexico. This tax rate is quite high, which has discouraged other international brands from launching sites in Mexico. However, the Mexican government still gets plenty of tax revenue from gambling activities. On average, the total Mexican gambling tax revenue per year is about $300 million.