Best Online Casinos in Finland


❓ Is Online Gambling Legal in Finland?

Overall, online gambling is legal in Finland. It’s controlled by the government and three state-run organizations: Fintoto Oy, RAY, and Oy Veikkaus AB. There is also another organization called PAF which controls gambling on the Åland Islands. Online gambling was officially legalized in 1996. In 2007, PAF was the first of the state organizations to offer an online casino - this site is open to anyone in Finland. RAY followed soon after and launched its own online casino site in 2010.

❓ Is Offshore Casino Gambling Legal in Finland?

Since Finland does allow a few licensed online casino sites within the country, offshore casino gambling is technically outlawed. However, many offshore online casinos still accept Finnish players. Additionally, the Finnish government is not very strict about this - there are no other restrictions in place which prevent citizens from accessing or depositing at these sites. There’s also no law in Finland which explicitly outlaws betting at foreign sites which accept Finnish players.

❓ Will I Get in Trouble for Playing at Offshore Casinos from Finland?

Overall, we don’t think you need to worry about this. While offshore casino gambling is technically not allowed, there are no laws which explicitly outlaw this activity or restrict banking transactions. Most of the world’s biggest offshore casinos accept Finnish players. Additionally, the EU has put pressure on Finland to loosen its gambling policies. It’s unlikely the country will go against EU.

❓ Which Legal Online Casinos Can I Access in Finland?

Right now, there are only two legal online casino sites based in Finland. PAF is a state-run organization that controls all gambling activities in the Åland province. This organization was the first in Finland to launch an online casino back in 2007 - this site is still operating and open to all Finnish players. Additionally, state-run RAY controls online gambling across the Finnish mainland and also has its own online casino site.

❓ How is Gambling Regulated in Finland?

Many forms of gambling are legal in Finland, and all are regulated by the state. The state actually holds a monopoly on all Finnish gambling activities, with most activities divided between four state-run organizations. These include PAF, Fintoto Oy, RAY, and Oy Veikkaus AB. These organizations issue licenses for all types of gambling including sports betting, lottery, land-based casinos, online casinos, and horse race betting.