Best Online Casinos in Denmark


Is online gambling legal in Denmark?

Yes it is. In fact, all types of online gambling are legal and regulated in Denmark. However, the Danish government is actively trying to maintain a monopoly on online gambling in the country by banning foreign operators. So far, they have been partially successful. Presently, Danske Spill owns more than 60% of the entire online gambling market in Denmark. Danske Spill also has exclusive rights to online betting on horse, dog, and pigeon races.

How is online gambling regulated in Denmark?

Overall, the Danish online gambling market is controlled by the Danish Gambling Authority, which itself is a branch of the Danish Ministry of Taxation. The DGA takes care of issuing licenses to all types of online gambling operators including lottery, sports betting, and casino sites as well as land-based casinos. Under the supervision of the DGA, the Danish online gambling market is very safe for players.

How are online casinos licensed in Denmark?

Danish regulations have extensive requirements that operators must meet before being eligible to receive a license. Under these requirements, online casinos must protect player data, offer player support, report any illegal acts or money laundering, offer valid payment options, and be certified by an independent testing organization. Additionally, the site must be completely in Danish and all transactions must be done in Danish Kroner.

Can I access offshore casino sites from inside Denmark?

In theory, yes you can. However, it’s frowned upon by the Danish government. In fact, the government has started to build a blacklist of international casino sites which accept Danish players. That said, no players have ever been punished for playing at international casino sites from within Denmark. Ultimately, the offshore casino site could be subject to fines but players are never prosecuted.

Is online sports betting legal in Denmark?

Yes it is, but only at sites that are properly licensed by the Danish Gambling Authority. Online horse betting is also legal as well as betting on dog and pigeon races. Danske Spill is one of the largest operators in Denmark today, and it holds a monopoly on online horse betting in the country. However, there are plenty of other operators offering legal sports betting on football and other sports.